The Dangers in Tulsa City

The Dangers in Tulsa City

With the recent revelation that Tulsa is the most dangerous city in Oklahoma according to FBI crime statistics, there is lots of discussions online about why this city is so dangerous. The FBI unlawful acts statistics for each metro area are available on their website. To find these statistics, go to the FBI website, and type in your city in the search bar. The FBI statistics provide valuable information about the level of crime in your city. Numerous vices are associated with Tulsa City which is a highly populated area. Below, some factors making Tulsa city a danger zone are examined.

Tulsa’s violent offenses rate was higher

Tulsa’s violent offenses rate was higher than every other city in Oklahoma. Tulsa was ranked at the top of the list for violent offenses. The murder rate for Tulsa city was higher than the rest of the country. It is estimated that an average of four murder cases is reported every 24 hours in Tulsa. The bizarre killings have no solid motives, and this makes anyone in Tulsa a potential victim. There are murder cases of innocent women as well as kids and the culprits were never brought to book.

Another reason Tulsa is supposedly dangerous

Another reason Tulsa is supposedly dangerous is because of gang activity, which is nearly non-existent in other parts of Oklahoma. Tulsa’s law enforcement agencies prevented a looming gun battle in March 2021. This, however, doesn’t mean that gang activities have been minimized or stopped. People are abducted daily where a ransom is demanded from their families. Some areas are purely controlled by a gang leader and some even as for money to protect residents from their gangs. Gang violence is a cause of many deaths in Tulsa with the victims being passersby who are hit by stray bullets.

The Dangers in Tulsa City

Apart from murders, rape is another common vice to encounter in Tulsa. Women and young girls are abducted right from the streets or their homes. They are raped and if they threaten to file a report, a threat is issued to them. Most perpetrators are known by the victims but are afraid to report them. Police have called victims to report any offense and at the same time are offering protection to them. This has not been effective since some witnesses have died in police safe houses.

While walking in Tulsa’s streets, make sure you are aware of who is around you. Amateur and professional pickpockets loom the streets searching for a viable prey. Sometimes when the pickpocketing fails, they will result in violence and rob you in the middle of the street while passers-by pretend not to notice the fracas. Nobody dares to intercept the felony or else they too will get robbed. Visitors are encouraged to keep off the streets unless it is necessary since they are more prone to get robbed. More than 20 cases of street robbery are reported every 24 hours in Tulsa City.

To put the rise in the violent crimes in perspective, Broken Arrow Democrat reports that the violent crime rate in Tulsa city has increased by 2, 428 percent over just the last twelve years. Similarly, US News with World Report notes that the brutal crime rate in Tulsa increased by a shocking 1229 percent between 2003 and 2018. What is even more troubling is that Tulsa has seen an increase in the number of murders and murders of law enforcement officers since last year. In addition, the FBI’s definition for most notorious raging offenses includes aggravated assaults, robberies, as well as felonies of arson and wrecking. Back in 2019, there were a total of 119 aggravated assaults, comprised of 51 murders, and 208 robberies in Tulsa, eclipsing the total of extreme offenses in Tulsa at all-time lows in 2017.

The increase in Tulsa city’s unlawfulness is matched by an increase in unemployment in Tulsa. According to BND, the unemployment rate increased by nearly 8 percent from 2019 to 2020. While the increase in violent felonies in Tulsa may be concerning, the government is keen to put the vices to an end. Unfortunately, a lot of this increase is attributed to the widespread protests as well as unrest across the nation following the fatal police shootings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. In Washington, D.C. Tulsa is a currently an area where tourists, as well as visitors, should keep of completely.